Cosmopolitan vs Traditionalist


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Mar 23, 2007
What do you guys think are the pros and cons about adhering to one culture versus sort of mixing and combining many cultures?

I would say that a big reason for the USA's great success has to do with the cosmopolitan aspect the nation seems to embrace.
I think the reason for the success is that people have come here and kept a grip on their own cultures /WHILE MAKING A PRIMARY IDENTIFICATION AS AN AMERICAN.

At this point things will get shaky, because that is no longer the goal of many people who come here.
...and that's the winner.

It seems to me quite often that the Neolib position has more in common with the Neocons than with my own.
After all,
both are globalists, unless I'm mistaken.

The neocons wish to use military force, and the neolibs wish to use trade.

Both want to eradicate our national sovereignty. They support a North American Union, or they want to divide the globe into "bioregions".
The goals of either one are something with which I want no part.