Cuba's next chapter


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Jul 20, 2006
With Castro apparently either near death or at least incapacitated, my guess is that the US begins to slowly open ties with Cuba. I think this thing has dragged on way past its actual rationale.
Paula62 said:
I think this thing has dragged on way past its actual rationale.

I agree with that wholeheartedly. However, the US response to the ever-closer new government is fairly undecided for me. We have a strong anti-communist tradition with a very conservative and stubborn president. I'm not really sure ties between these two countries will open after Castro is gone. I think it depends on who takes over.
I feel the same way cap does. I think we will meddle on who takes over in castros place though. Cuba is way to close to the USA and we will be watching closely. Heck we cant keep our fingers out of any pies im not surprised by this either.
It's a shame that America can't mind its own business at times.

Regardless of the odds, in some ways Cuba has actually does very well
I agree, American needs to let it go. Was Castro a jerk, yep, is he a threat now, nope.
If and when we decide to meddle, it won't be right away anyways. It will probably take a few months.

Although you'd think we'd learn . . . . last time we messed with Cuba, it didn't go well at all.
All I have to say is its about time the US starts talks with Cuba. The US cannot afford to have another enemy in this war torn world.
I will have to agree with Martyr on this. Lifting the embargo could act as a cataylst to reforming Cuba even if it's a move from communism to socialism.
I can't wait for the end of Fidel's regime. Hopefully after he is gone Cubans can gain some more freedoms and rights.
What do you think will happen in Cuba now that Fidel has passed the torch to a family member? do you think anything will really change?