‘Debate and Switch’: Jimmy Kimmel Gets Trump Supporters to Reveal Blatant Hypocrisy in Wild Segment


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Feb 9, 2024
Jimmy Kimmel and his staff got supporters of former President Donald Trump to engage in blatant hypocrisy in what was truly a wild segment of the ABC late night show.

During his opening monologue Friday, Kimmel explained the premise of the bit — which was filmed in South Carolina ahead of Saturday’s primary.

“We asked people who identified themselves as supporters of Donald Trump for their take on some of Joe Biden’s more controversial actions and quotes,” Kimmel said. “But what we didn’t tell them at first. Is that what we said wasn’t from Joe Biden. It was actually from Donald Trump.”

A Kimmel staffer then asked a South Carolina voter, “What did you think when Joe Biden suggested that Covid could be cured by shining a bright light inside the body?”

“It is very sad that Joe Biden is clearly a dementia patient,” the voter replied.

Of course, it was Trump who infamously made that suggestion. When the voter was given that information, she immediately and drastically changed her tune about the validity of the comment.

“It depends what that technology is,” the voter said. “That’s a broad spectrum, because, you know, you have MRI machines and CT machines and, infrared and different things. So it just depends the context of that.”

Watch the video at the link. Within a blink of an eye of saying Biden has dementia for talking about shining light into the body to cure covid, the woman immediately defends what trump said when told Biden didn't say it, trump did. Then makes an even more of a fool of herself by talking about MRI, CT scans and infrared light or something ridiculous.

The video shows more trump people making just as much of fools of themselves as the first woman. One being so righteous when he thought Biden had an affair with a porn star and paid her off. Then when told it was trump, he had no problem with it and excused it by saying his dad cheated on his mom.

You can't make this stuff up.

Beliefs are of convenience with maga people.