Differance Between Sheriff and Police Chief


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
The Sheriff cannot be fired but the Police chief can. See Baltimore is taking steps to shake up law enforcement but meanwhile Florida isnt doing a damn thing about the states crime problems. I gave Jeb Bush an idea ABOLISH SHERIFF DEPTS And Replace them with County Police.Cause the sheriff cannot be fired when hes elected by the people.The Police Chief is hired by county excutive or the mayor and they can be fired. I even e-mailed governor Charlie Crist about abolishing the Sheriff Depts all over in florida and replace them with county police.Its also sheriff depts are very corruptive in florida even the deputies break the laws themselves.So if state of florida would get rid of sheriff depts crime would come down again.

But they can be removed from office. Popular vote for sheriff is a bit odd to me since the campaigns often aren't so much about his ability as a law enforcement official (they should require each campaign add to also include a resume then maybe) I feel much for this for coroners...why the hell should we vote for a coroner based on a bloody road sign saying to.... I want a GOOD surgeon with a background in forensics, not some goofball politician
Well I went down Sheriff Mascaras Office to Complain about A deputy who has been rude and unprofessonal with me.The Supervisors wont allow me to see him. The Deputy comment about my hearing aid and called me by my first name instead of SIR!. You always call a private citenzen SIR OR MADDEM!! And Im done Griping about this asshole deputy anyways i want to move on.