Discussions on Racism. (why is it even a problem)

I really somewhat dont see a point in racism. This is beccause as far as i know skin color is only determined by your location on the equator and how hot it is. Mostly i think, color does not even begin to determine your personality (why ppl think this is way beyond me)
People think this way because they are normally backward thinking or insecure and don't like change.

"Good" excuses for being racist include "they are less intelligent", "they are violent savages", "they are taking our jobs" and other sweeping generalizations.
This is beccause as far as i know skin color is only determined by your location on the equator and how hot it is.

Not exactly true. Proximity to the equator and our temps play some role. I live in Alaska. Twice as close to the NP as the equator. Yet it would be a hard stretch to call me and all the other natives of the north, white, or pail etc.
Also the Mongolians and the natives of Siberia are also quite dark in complextion, but also quite north of the equator.

But I do agree. We went through a stint on this board where some over the top-anti-semites began posting and the ignorant, across the board hatred of a group based on ideology alone is a trait that is not very pleasant for me to be around.
All bias against any group, subset, minority, majority, or group, is based on a) an over generalization on some stereotypes created by the behavior of someone of that group b) conflicting religious beliefs c) dislike of a group due to disparity between economic standing d) conflicting political ideology or the broad spectrum e) ignorance and egocentrism... There really is no "good" reason to hate any group of people, some PEOPLE are easy to dislike but to like all of his kind, such as all teachers because one of your when you were younger gave you a D on an assuredly A paper, or all store clerks because one at the lil 7-11 down the street ripped you off for a couple dollars of change, I mean those examples sound ridiculous, but thats no different than any other group, a group is nothing more than the comparison of a number of individuals as a whole based on a similar trait, whatever that trait is... Racism is the way of the ignorant, just like the people who have such a hard on for not letting homosexuals live their lives peaceably (uhm...excuse the pun).. or those who hate the jewish.. It's really a sad state when these idiots can't even see their own idiocy..
All people have to work harder to kill stereotypes. We've made a lot of progress in certain parts of the world, but of course the job will never end. :)
Having lived in south Mississippi since 1977, I can assure you (y'all) that racism is still alive and well. It is rarely as publicly overt as it was when I first moved here, but, still just as real.

The solid south became solidly republican as a direct result of the voting rights act of 1964, passed by a democratic congress.

Obama won the democratic primary in the state by a large margin. Not suprising, since whites have largely abandoned the democratic party in the state. The probability that he will win the state in the general election is about as close to zero as it's posible to get. I suspect that North Carolina is similar. Obama will win the primary handily, but, have no chance of taking the state in the general election.

State electoral college votes being winner take all, I truly believe that an Obama nomination will assure a Mccain victory in november.

But then again, I've been known to make a mistake or two in my life.
So much of it has to do with our primitive instincts for survival. If someone is attacked on the basis of race, or any other 'ontological' characteristic, naturally he will fight back, and instinctively defend that aspect of his being that's under attack.