Enjoying HouseofPolitics.com?

Enjoying HouseofPolitics.com?

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Sure, guy. Thanks for the invite. I just love to throw all my stuff out there.
I'm glad you guys can tolerate a radical like myself. Keep it up. Let 'em post no matter how far out of the "mainstream" they may be. I intend to keep up the pressure in every way I can, everywhere I can. Let's all try to shake 'em up and maybe make a better country for ourselves and our children. BTW, Cute dog. Go to YouTube to see my dog in action "Lucy goose the wonder dog"
What we need is to tolerate each other!

People outside of the mainstream need a voice too, no matter how crazy they seem. :p

I'm looking forward to some great discussion and debate. :cool:
Oh well .....

I've posted two seperate messages on this forum, and maybe its too soon to make any sort of judgement about it, but this place doesn't seem to be very active. .... Maybe when more people find out about it, we can have some good discussion about things(!?)

and as we all know
9/11 was an inside job!
I brought 8 people here

hope they have been a HELP to get things going?
NONE of the things they claim

he tried to help them get going by bringing in new members maybe more memebers than anyone person here?
I like here. I like respect between members. And I like comprehensible English. Thank you
Very much. I believe it is much more enjoyable to get in on the "ground floor" of a board than to try and find a place in a mature community.
The House of Politics Haven't Change ..The Posters have.

The H.O.P is okay with me, but its never the site that changes.
Its the people that can change the site, and after being a site
member for the past two months the site do have some well
mannered threads.

But Be Ware of the internet bullies (aka) terrorist, due to the
fact that they have nothing else to do but mess up things,
and after reading many posts that's submitted. One can tell
who is what just by the maturity of their post.

Nice layback site. Signed: PG
I've managed to get 3 other users to join but due to unforeseeable circumstances we all got off to a rocky start.

Now that things seemed to have calmed down some I'll try to get back here more often.

I like the site and there are quite a few posters here that I post on other boards with so I'll try to contribute a bit more than I have the past couple of weeks.
I post on three political sites. One has a different format which is much harder to navigate and is has a lot of extremely hostile entrenched regulars. I like a forum that really lets the people go at each other but when it all breaks down to just cussing each other... not that much.

House of Politics and the other political forum I post on are both very good. I would say of the two the administrators here are a little more laid back and I like that. Both are very good.

Good job everybody!:)