Evidence of Explosives at WTC


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Jul 3, 2006
Scientific Analysis Proves Towers Brought Down By Incendiaries—PrisonPlanet.com

I've been skeptical of the way the World Trade Center fell for a long time now. It just didn't seem logical for them to collapse, especially not in such a controlled way, from the airplane impacts and subsequent fires.

The incendiary found at the scene is called thermate, a derivative of thermite. Having read The Anarchist Cookbook, I am already a little familiar with thermite, which can be made at home by just about anyone with two hands, half a brain, and access to rust and aluminum. Thermate apparently differs in that it contains sulfur to assist in burning through steel more quickly.

This discovery creates more doubt about the official story of Sept. 11, which is already full of gaping holes. Had the attacks of that day been investigated with the same thoroughness as any other serious crime, we would have known about the thermate long ago. Instead we must learn of it almost five years and two major wars later from an "underground" source who will almost certainly be ignored.

And speaking of things that are underground, it would be wise to check for thermate damage in the underground structures that were below the WTC. That stuff burns hot enough to take down the Twin Towers and then burn straight into the sewers and subways. No wonder the Cortlandt Street subway stop (situated directly under the WTC site) hasn't reopened yet; it's probably half melted and unusable.

So...what else is hiding in the rubble?
Are you trying to make me sound crazy?

'Cause I can do that way better myself. Here we go:

The entire Bush family is comprised of aliens who landed in New Mexico near the famous Area 51 site. The government tried to contain them, but was unable to. When they escaped, no one could say anything because Area 51 is top secret. They got rich by cloning money with their advanced technology, and they got political power by using telepathy at rallies and over the television.

Dick Cheney felled the World Trade Center with mega-super-crazy-strong laser beams from a secret weapon behind his left ear. The Pentagon exploded because someone was trying to light a fart on fire near a keg of Civil War-era gunpowder. And there is no such thing as an airplane; the whole idea of humans flying is ridiculous. The people who died in Shanksville, Pennsylvania simply fell from the clouds they were standing on.

The alien Bush family and its cohorts (some of them alien and some not) want to take over the Middle East for a simple reason: they don't understand women. (Condoleezza Rice may seem like a woman at first glance, but is actually a gender-neutral plant in a human costume.) For all the years they've been on this planet, they can't figure out how to interpret and control women, but it looked to them like hardcore Muslims had it all figured out with the face masks and denial of life opportunities. So they're taking over the region, killing all the males, and secretly whisking the women away to their home planet for further study. I'd tell you the name of the planet, but you've probably never heard of it anyway.

And the whole Israel-area conflict can be summed up in one sentence: Jews are actually dogs, and Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese are actually cats. They're never going to get along. Someone needs to just airdrop a few thousand tons of catnip and Beggin' Strips over the region, and peace will be within reach.

I know this because Tyler knows this.
All the article says is that evidence of thermate was found on pieces of rubble from the World Trade Center, which implies that something else happened aside from plane crashes and simple kerosene fires. If you want to go on believing the obviously fabricated story the government told everyone, be my guest. But in ten or twenty years, when some "reputable" sources explain to the public that Sept. 11 happened very differently than the government claims, you'll realize you were duped the whole time. And I'll probably be figuring out the latest thing that politicians are lying about, because I don't believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a man who wants something from me (or wants me to believe something so he can act on it).
It is strange that the subway station has not yet reopened, but I'm not sure if I am willing to jump directly into the theory now being brought to light.
Just last night I had to listen to a drunken debate as to who actually planned the attacks of 9-11. And let me tell you, it is quite interesting to listen to a bunch of drunken college students arguing back and forth about if the United stated government planned the attacks on the WTC.
Regardless of what conspiracy theories are flying about on the Internet and in tabloids, people died and it was (in my mind) a declaration of intent of war.
The one question I have is, who supposedly placed the incendiary devices in the buildings?
I think we all just need to be given access to the facts so that we can make up our own damn minds as to what really happened.
Everyone knows that the Bush family is made up of aliens and Beggin Strips satisfy dogs hunger for meat.

*end of stupidity*

Does anyone have any real words of wisdom regarding this thread? I am trying to gather my thoughts on the subject.
And everyone knows Jimmy Hoffa was boiled alive, fed to wild boars, and excreted under a pile of papers in the public records bureau. That's why no one can find him.
This 9/11 controversy really scaes me in part because the evidence is so overwhelming that what went down wasn't kosher at all.
Jim, for what it is worth I am completely with you on the whole 911 thing. There is no way that the government told us the truth and every day more evidence shows it. I think that they have been "wagging the dog" since the moon landing.