Feds Gone Wild; Reports Highlight Worst Crimes by Officials


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Apr 7, 2007
Feds Gone Wild; Reports Highlight Worst Crimes by Officials

Colorful Busts of Law Enforcement's Own Officials Found Buried in Reports

By JUSTIN ROOD, June 4, 2008

An FBI special agent used an undercover real estate firm run by the bureau to sell her friend's house for $1.3 million, according to a new report by the Department of Justice's Inspector General.

Meanwhile, the Homeland Security Department's Inspector General reported investigators found evidence an official there may have swapped sensitive law enforcement information to white supremacists for drugs, sex and money.

A DHS airport security officer also stole $18,000 from his elderly mother, stopped paying her nursing home bill and ran up charges on her credit cards, the IG said.

Call it Feds Gone Wild: some of the most colorful busts of law enforcement's own officials, buried in otherwise dull reports to Congress, new editions of which landed earlier this week.

Every six months the top internal watchdogs for the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security report to Capitol Hill on their current efforts, which range from financial audits and management reviews to investigations of wrongdoing into their agencies' own personnel.

The cases they cite are a sampling, which do not name the culprits, and tend towards the colorful, even shocking. Their latest reports do not disappoint.

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You can't clean up corporate corruption when you've got corruption in your own organization. Again, we have to implement harsher penalties on government officials, or this type of behavior will continue. Note that most didn't spend any time in jail, and those that did received light sentences.
I am not the slightest bit shocked or surprised by government corruption. Posts like this, to me are like "What? Did you miss the memo?". Uhhh... yeah corruption is to government is what water is to a pond. That only response is "DUH! No kidding!".

We could fill this forum with evidence of corruption... yet: The logical conclusion to me is, these people are untrustworthy. Therefore, I want as little of my money going to these goobers as possible. I want them having as little control over me as possible. Less regulation, less confiscation, less dictation.

Yet... and this is where I'm constantly confused... the common liberal view is... let's raise taxes, increase control, make more regulations. Huh? They are blowing your money left and right, they are constantly in scandals, they take advantage of the system all the time... but hey! Let's give them MORE money to play, MORE control to abuse, MORE power and money over every aspect of our lives, then complain when they are corrupt?

You want these goobers controlling your health care? Your energy? Over every product you buy? Are you nuts? Do you read your own posts? YOU CAN NOT TRUST THEM!