Fewer births and lower sperm counts

You can believe mothers have the right to murder their unborn children but God does not support that wicked nonsense.
You don't know what god supports. You only think you do. In fact, the Bible quotes the procedure to induce a woman to abort.
Ironically, described by none other than your god.

It doesn't matter if he supports it or not. It can do nothing about it.
Bottom line: No human has some supposed right to murder another human at will.

Are Unborn Babies Human?​

When abortion first became legalized, it gained acceptance primarily because of one assumption: unborn babies were not considered human beings.
An unborn baby was termed a “clump of cells.” If a fetus is just a clump of cells, abortion is no different than pulling a tooth or having a tumor removed. Of course, a woman should have the right to any medical procedure she chooses when it applies to her own body.
This argument seemed plausible. Apart from the modern ultrasound tech, many people had no idea what occurred during pregnancy. For many years the abortion debate amounted to a “he said, she said” argument: I say it’s human, and you say it’s not.
Then the Argument Changed

Did you know?

  • In recent years, modern medicine has revealed the truth about unborn babies, overwhelmingly confirming that an unborn baby is human. Even “Pro-abortion” biologists agree.

well, "murder" is defined by law, not by right. Countries have "murdered" other people in war, the government has "murdered" people in capital cases, people have "murdered" others in self defense or stand your ground cases, etc.

abortion has been legal historically, so apparently there is no constitutional ban against all abortion.

yes, fetuses have human cells, but by your logic if you cut off someone finger, you've committed "murder'? lol
Found a dictionary to support your dehuminization of human babies have you?
found a dictionary, yes. that's the purpose of dictionaries, *****. defining words.

so if someone cuts off your finger, do you accuse him of murder? you keep ignoring that question lol