First 100 hours

Andy D

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Jan 3, 2007
What is the one thing you think the Democrats will be sure to get done in the first 100 hours??
I am thinking they will get the minimum wage raised. I least I hope that they do but who know if it will happen or not. In a discoraged mood lately. I guess we shall see.
I heard that they are moving to push through a bill that will prohibit any further drilling in Alaska. I'd support that one, but I don't think it will make it past Bush's veto.
Again, I'm no economist (but I'm learning!)- but whilst such institutions as minimum wage is stemmed from noble intentions, unfortunately, raising it apparently ends up doing the opposite of what it aims to do: it ends up causing a net loss for the group it targets, according to basic economic theory (and research).

I'll write something in a little more detail and drop the appropriate citations on the "Raising the Minimum Wage" thread shortly.
I thought by now that we would see the first 100 hours in action. Appearantly I was wrong.

I hear the first issue to be taken up will be: Should Federal Employees (Senators or Representatives) who are convicted of felonies be entitled to their pension?

I am glad the Dem's haven't lost sight of the big issues of the day.
It's pointless to point out what each party 'does' when in control. Remember, we have Checks and Balances, so Congress can do whatever they want, but there will always be the Conservative Judicial/Executive Branch to ensure they get their way. Plus, in American Politics, passing bills does not necessarily mean you 'did' something, you must please everyone to 'do' something.
Hmm, I am not sure I understand your responce George. I agree that the President is Conservative, but I think the Judicial branch is pretty far from Conservative. I can always hope that changes.

I think it is important to keep an eye on Congress regardless of which party is in control. Congress is in charge of passing laws, so that branch is the one most likely to screw up our daily life. If any branch needs someone watching them, it is Congress.
With a 51/49 split I can't see them getting anything but massively popular measures passed. Minimum wage is a good guess, since it was so widely supported in the elections. We might see some ethics rules change, which would be great if they had teeth. I think I heard something about increasing ownership and responsibility for pork spending. I'd love to see them push the line item veto to that end, but it will never happen :) If dems are smart they'll put up a bunch of popular bills and force republicans to vote them down, giving them an edge in 2008.

...the way the time lines are converging there could be a showdown between bush and the dems on the "war surge" in the first 100 hours too, that would be interesting to watch.
The showdown could be very interesting. I can't decide if I think the Dems will carry through on their threat or if they are just blowing smoke right now. They have talked a lot about the ethics reform, so I expect to see that discussed. They have also talked alot about minimum wage, but I think the Republicans will try to block that.
What I wonder is if there is something driving these politicians other than a need to annoy their antagonists? Really, makes you wonder sometimes.
I'm interested to know what the proposed ethics rule changes are in more detail.
What is the one thing you think the Democrats will be sure to get done in the first 100 hours??
Congratulating themselves, being self-important and knocking the Republicans, it is just as if the Republicans were in, they would be doing the same thing. But, it does look like minimum wage was of most importance to them.