Flaming witch hunts


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Aug 22, 2006
...are usually the spawn of knee-jerk reactions and the appeal of judgmental megalomaniacs to emotivism.

Hence I am always glad when an article comes out to set the facts straight, to iron out the misconceptions that plague society and perpetuate the cycles of fear and hatred.


This article can be linked back to several relavant threads on this board, in particular the dangers of online interaction and predatory pederasts among other things. I do not mean, of course, to downplay the consequences of such conduct where it does happen. I just want to combat the paranoia.
when I read your title, I thought you were going to be writing about witch hunts for gay people. hence, the flaming.

I am in the middle of this in South Dakota. Every day our paper is filled with hatred letters talking about how we have a chance on this ballot to make gay marriage a crime. people keep writing about how gay people have ruined marriage, and how they are destroying children's chances at having a real family. it is awful. i know it is not the same topic, but it kind of corresponds.
That is pretty bad though. And it is typical of a knee-jerk response...the issue emerged and everybody jumped on the bandwagon.

Living in Australia, I realise that my atmosphere (especially around my university) is highly tolerant compared to most. The institutions and most of the news publications have a robust and rigorous equity policy and most of the bits of society I move around in (i.e. the academics and the high-acheivers) are mostly accepting of something that I think should be a given. It's still a problem here and we do have reports of hate crimes for any number of reasons, but from the various stories of abuse, broken friendships and families, disownments etc. that I hear from various contacts in the US, I'm left wondering just how bad it is in the Bible-belt (mid-latitudinal US).
To expand on the homosexual side of this, when I was in high school, you hid your homosexuality or you were teased and probably beaten up. My kids go to school with several kids who are openly gay. They don't face near the problems as when I was in high school. However, boys will get kicked out of dances for same sex dancing. But, girls do it all the time and it is ok. But, that is another topic entirely.
It is! And a very interesting topic at that too. I'll create a thread about it shortly, because it's that interesting...and also rarely discussed. Good spotting.
its terrible in the midwest, which is where i am. central us, to be exact. it doesn't matter what you do that is "different" - if you are gay, if you are an artist, anything that is not the "norm" is considered incorrect and therefore something that should be shunned.
It's amazing to me how much hate there is in this world. Clearly, people do not have enough to do because really?
I do not recall the comedian I heard this from but, funny.
I do not understand prejudice. There are so many reasons to hate people on an individual basis.
I just don't get a lot of the hatred and where it comes from? Perfect example is the gay rights and marriage. How does this effect my marriage or anyone elses for that matter? I don't think that there is any reason to feel threatened and to me it is a moot point. I feel that they should have the same beneifits as a married couple, period. But to me the sad fact seems to be that I am in the minority around here.
Heh, as for the hatred, it is something I don't really comprehend either. Between persons who are driven to malicious behaviors, the psychological mechanisms of indoctrination and insecurity, and the effects of what can be summed up by Kant's categorical imperative, I will say that there will be no such thing as world peace of any kind.

The title was intentional- I wanted people to notice by giving them something to jerk their knee at haha. If that means I was being misleading or hypocritical or something then...too bad! :P