GW missed california this winter.


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Jan 9, 2008
Southern california has three seasons: winter, summer, and fire.

This just past winter was the longest and coldest I've experienced. It started as usual about the beginning of december, and kept up with rain, cold (for california) temps and overcast skies. Only about a week ago did it finally end - today was in the mid 90s. Usually I would be able to go to the lake or ocean about the beginning of may - this time it was six weeks later.
Well, to be fair, that's the cooling phase of the PDO for you. Winters will be worse and, I guess, summers will be dryer... something like that. Gotta' wait and see how long it will last. The PDO phases often last ~30 years at a whack, but they can reverse in fairly short order, too, or take a temporary reprieve.

Personally, I think you're screwed. You might wanna' move.

And what is the PDO?

Because if you mean pacific decadal oscillation, you may want to brush up on that.