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Jun 3, 2007
Hello I want to introduce myself. I live in Mexico city

I like Mr. Bush.. the big pig of the world.

Greetings from aztec land
Hello polix.

Why would you call Bush a pig if he is trying to give illegal immigrants from your country amnesty? He's doing more for your country than he is for ours.:)
He's doing more for your country than he is for ours.:)

He's not really helping either country, as that measure would just encourage more of them to come into our country illegally - thereby leaving their own. I guess it's good for Mexicans but bad for Mexico...ironic, no?

And welcome, polix.
The Bush Regime is pushing corporatizm, that is total domination by unelected officers of GREED INC.

Most of the U.S. Congress has sold out to GREED INC. and WE_THE_PEOPLE have a LOT of work to do if we want any REAL oportunity in what is supposed to be AMERICA THE LAND OF OPORTUNITY.

Our middle class is getting screwed big time and who knows, we may have to resort to nation-wide strikes or consumer boycotts to get anything done.

Just for your own INFORMATION on this subject, Please look up Presidential Executive orders of MAY 9th .... kinda makes ya think, no?

and as we all know
the emperor is NAKED!