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Jul 3, 2006
The Boston Blog: Boston's Freedom Rally—ParkerPettus.com

Did anyone go to this? I went back in 1996 or 1997, and I remember there being an effort by the police to send undercover officers into the veritable cloud to arrest people for marijuana, particularly those who were selling it.

If you've been to the Hempfest, you know why this doesn't make sense. During the event, there are thousands of people occupying the better part of the Boston Common, the vast majority of whom are openly smoking weed and/or acting very high. The cops could just walk right in and arrest pretty much everyone, with absolutely no need to be undercover.

And you could say they don't do it because it could cause a riot, but I don't think so. I mean, really, are a few thousand stoners going to take on the Boston PD? Well, they might, but I have my doubts.
I've been to it once several years ago. it was pretty interesting....

I police were around but didn't seem to bother anyone. i think they would certainly have a hard time if they were to arrest everyone. Not really from a riot but more from actually having to find jail space etc.

Anyways as for my position I don't smoke anymore but I really don't care if anyone else does. It should be legalized in my opinion.
Interesting, I am against it...but it's probably true, that many people in a single location will probably cause a riot...
I went to one of these in 1997 or 1998, it was an interesting experience and the police were everywhere. None of the police even seemed to bother with the crowds unless someone got rowdy or unruly.
Hmm yes it makes sense, like some gang meeting, they'll take pictures, and be on close call, but will only do a move if need be.
Gee i wish i owned the nearest 7-11 or fast food joint. :p Honestly i dont see a problem with weed. I think its safer then alcohol and should be studied and tested for ailments and treatments. You cant even do a study on it in the united states because the government has to approve the study and they will only allow you to do cons of it. Dumb asses!
The funny thing is, they sell THC free weed at hempfest... o most of the people there aren't actually getting high.. lol talk about funny.
It is a strange thing, and although I did attend when I was younger I don't see any real value in an event such as it now.