Hewlett creates tiny chip.


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Jul 14, 2006
Interesting new chip made by Hewlett. Its the size of a small sticker and can be attached anywhere. The device, holds tons of information: the voice of a child pictured in a photo, a summary of someone's medical history on a hospital tag, or even a trailer of a movie portrayed on a poster. You can put the chip anywhere no less!

Consumers could eventually use a specialized reader or other devices, such as a cell phone, a memory stick or a even a car key, to access the information on the chip the article states. Sounds like a interesting new invention with alot of possiblities.

While I can see tons of applications for this device, I am concerned about piracy issues.

Businesses and government could use this device to extract meaningful data from you. At the current time, this device seems to lack any security measures. A simple wave of the wand (read electronic reader) and all data from the chip is downloaded.

I would be hesitant to use this as soon as it comes into the market for consumers.
Privacy concerns are really what erk me. I would be afraid they used the chip in a 1984-esque way. Big Brother may be watching.
Well since they cant even seem to locate Osama i dont worry to much about giving them a little chip lol. You only as smart as the person using the item and from what I'm watching i dont give them that much credit! :p
Isn't it a fine line between invading privacy and innovation? I know everyone gets worked up about those issues, but as for me I just think, "Hey, cool technology!" Maybe I should be more paranoid....
Privacy concerns are really what erk me. I would be afraid they used the chip in a 1984-esque way. Big Brother may be watching.
Yeah, that is what gets me. I mean what are they going to use these for?
but then again... I also agree with the comment about technology only being as good as the people controlling it.
There seems to be such a great distrust for the government and privacy issues lately...does this all stem from post-9/11 security measures?
Most likely! Citizens of America are trading in rights and freedoms in the hope of extra security.
I think alot of the privacy concerns do stem from 9/11. We as a whole are willing to trade some rights for security, but now it seems to have gotten to a point where people are wondering where the line should be drawn.
How much should we give up?