Hillary Clinton Meets with AJC, Tells the Jews She Exists to Serve Them


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Dec 13, 2013
Hillary Clinton Meets with AJC, Tells the Jews She Exists to Serve Them
Andrew Anglin

March 20, 2014

“My belief is that goyim exist only as cattle to serve the Jews.” -Hillary Clinton

The dyke wench and leading candidate for the President of the United Jew States of Faggotry, Feminism and War, Hillary Clinton, has met with the American Jewish Congress, received an award and pledged her eternal support for the rulership of the Jewish race over the planet earth.

The Jews are very happy with her song and dance.

From the Daily Beast:

At a lifetime achievement ceremony, Obama’s former secretary of state defended his policy toward Israel but went also gave verbal support to the Jewish State many have complained her old boss did not.

Dinner at the American Jewish Congress gala at Cipriani in midtown Manhattan was a thick slick of brisket covered in gravy.

The cut was nearly as thick as the encomiums delivered from the dais to Hillary Clinton, the recipient of the evening’s lifetime achievement award.

“You have impacted the lives of people on every continent, in every nation,” wrote Leonard Blavatnik, a wealthy Ukrainian industrialist and another honoreem in letter read from the nostrum.

“Thank you Hillary, for reminding me to step forward,” said another honoree, Iranian-born socialite Nazee Moinian.

“Secretary Clinton has been a hero of mine for decades, and I thought how on earth could I do her justice in just a few introductory remarks,” said the actress Julianna Margulies, who, in her introductory remarks, traced Clinton’s lineage to her grandmother and great-aunt, the first two women to graduate from New York University law school.

And in case anyone found this a little thin, Liel Kolet, a 24-year-old Israeli singer-songwriter and self-described peace ambassador, descended from the stage and delivered her ballad while practically standing over the former secretary of state

“All over the world there are children with hopes still burning, in the dreams of tomorrow,” she crooned.

When the briskets had been cleared away and it was at last Clinton’s turn to speak, she used the occasion to give a full-throated defense of the Obama administration’s Middle East policy to prominent members of New York’s Jewish community and assorted dignitaries around the world, a guest list that included such unlikely pairings at Mexican president Vincente Fox and television talk show host Barbara Walters.

In her more than 20-minute remarks, Clinton left little doubt that she would create distance between herself and Obama in foreign policy should she seek the presidency in 2016, while also issuing the kind of the kind of robust verbal support of the Jewish state that some Jewish leaders have felt was lacking in the current administration.

“In Israel’s story we see our own,” Clinton told the nearly 400 people assembled inside a converted bank vault. “Israel is more than a country, it is a dream nurtured for generations and made real by men and women who refused to bow to the toughest of odds.”

What we need in this country is another incompetent Jew-tool President, and as I don’t think a black is going to get the job again anytime soon, might as well be a woman.

Though I am equally creeped-out by Ron Paul Jr., he is just as pro-Jew, so maybe we should go with him.

As long as we get more immigrants, gay sex, abortion, war and taxes, I’m good with whatever.
What's a Jew tool President?

Why am I getting the impression from reading that, that someone is anti-Semitic?
See that's who support Democrats. Blacks,Jews and Women. This man was right all along!
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Oh my. Think I better put on a sheet before I come back into this thread.
Well thats whats wrong with America now. Look before. 1920s blacks and women were not allowed to vote. And Americans voted for smart candidates. Not dumb ones we got now.