How long do you expect to live?


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Jan 30, 2007
how long do you hope to live and do you think those last few decades will be enjoyable in terms of health?

or do think we will f-everthing up before you even approximate your estimated limit?

I'll probably live to be around ninety but my wife will probably only reach her late sixties (based on family history). I'll wind up being lonely and going insane, talking to household objects and spending way too much time on political forums and playing old video games. Maybe I'll write a book. I'll probably have cats and they will eat me when I die.
Knowing my family history and my current health, I expect to live well into my 70s, and possibly into my 80s.

I suspect western civilization will be substantially diminished by the time I die, though I can't say for sure if America will have been a casualty by then or not.
I'm diabetic I'll prolly die in my 60s :( unless something better comes along to treat this crap.

That's very possible; they recently developed a formula that cures diabetes in mice. They're looking into human testing now.