I am actually away!


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Aug 22, 2006
Hi guys, sorry for suddenly going inactive for a week- I'm actually in Malaysia right now and don't have any consistent means of connecting to the net (moving around a lot). I'll be back at the end of Jan.
Have a good time in Malaysia, dong. Thanks for the...warning? :biggrin: I eagerly await all the responses you'll be giving in the near future!
Wow, I had wondered why I had not seen you around. Have a great and safe trip. Will be here when you get back.
Thanks guys, I've returned now and am posting replies at this very moment!

And yes, photos will be available shortly...maybe.
I for one would love to see photos. Whenever you have the time to get them uploaded, of course. :) Glad to have you back!
Things were quiet while you were gone, dong. Glad you're back to keep us on our toes. :)