I have been sentenced to death by my sister


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Mar 28, 2007
A cancer victim has accused his sister of condemning him to death by refusing to donate her bone marrow for a life-saving operation.

Father-of-three Simon Pretty is likely to die from leukaemia within months unless he receives a transplant.

His sister Helen, 43, is a perfect match but he says she has turned down the chance to save his life. Without the donation Mr Pretty – who has a rare tissue type – could be dead by the end of the year leaving his wife Jacqueline to raise their children Rebecca, eight, Jack, six and Benjamin, three.

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Dude, that sucks for him.

His sister is a *****. :mad:
Wow, how unfortunate. There must be some sound reasoning to why she would decline...
I'll read the article now.

Readers' comments on the article:
As others have stated earlier we don't know the family history. This is so painful to read though. One hopes the woman changes her mind.

- Inder Jalli, Houston, United States

I am a transplantee myself and am very disturbed by this story. Donating organs or bonemarrow is and must be completely voluntary, and should also be private. I could easily appreciate people refusing to be tested for compatability after reading this. I hope this man realises the possible damage his actions may cause. I certainly wouldn't be tested for his sake knowing that I would be hung out in the press afterwards if I decided not to donate.

- Cwm, Manchester

It's so sad, but the sister must have some reasoning to why she will not donate. As Inder Jalli said, we don't know the family history.

I find this situation very unfortunate.
I don't know how true this is, seeing I heard it on television.. but on House this past week, a young boy needed his younger brothers bone marrow to live, much like this situation. Both brothers played baseball, and it was their life. If the younger boy, because of their strange blood type, gave him his bone marrow, he wouldn't be allowed to play baseball ever again because he would need blood thinners the rest of his life. The parents didn't tell the younger boy about that, but tried to make him go through the transplant anyway. The show got really complicated after that, but I was just saying that had the boy known about not being able to play baseball ever again, would he have attempted to go through with it? I know that I would give anything I could if my sister or brother were in this situation, but I don't play baseball. Maybe this brother and sister have history, or maybe she has something going on where she can't donate it, like the young boy. My mother being a cancer survivor, I can't see how anyone could leave their loved one to die when they have the chance to save them. But like I said and those above me have said, maybe there's family history there, and that's her will; she doesn't HAVE to save him.
But what if your donating it would somehow then cause you great hardships or possible medical complications? we dont know the sisters and his history perhaps she herself being related is near having complications already? or by her donating it may greatly increase her risks of the same occurance

being that I dont know all of the circumstances here ,I cannot say what i may or may not do in the situation ,as i dont have enough information to make such a statemeny it is unfortunate and sad though