"I Will Never Leave Guantanamo"


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May 27, 2007
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"We have important news for you!"

Chained to the floor of a cell in Camp Six, Guantanamo, Joseph said nothing. But he had some news for us, too.

The Court of Appeals had decided what record - what pieces of paper - it would examine when it considered his "Detainee Treatment Act" case. This was big. For months, we urged the Bush administration to release its exculpatory evidence about Joseph. The administration fought back hard. And we'd won - a brilliant victory!

"What do they say - these papers?" Joseph asked.

An awkward pause followed. We didn't exactly have them yet. The government had moved for reconsideration, filed affidavits, more briefs. There might be further appeals. It was complicated. The order came down in July, and now it was October. They hadn't produced a page. But it was a great victory! Article here..............

Tell me this is good!
It is my understanding that recently the USSC heard testimony from Gitmo detainees concerning thier suspension of habeas corpus. There are some legal precedence in the past upholding the federal government here. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.