If the arabs can make childrens TV into Hate TV Why cant we promote the military too?


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Jun 13, 2007
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Why cant we put GI Joe back on Childrens TV teach em how good military life is. Or Put R Lee Emery into a Childrens show and let those lilttle kids ask him about military weapons and let the kids dress as marines too as R Lee Emery as the sergent and ask the one kid do you know what a handgrande is? If that little boy says no sir. Then he will say

And then He explans to all those lil marines what an handgrande is
And then he says you know what is a guided missile? And the lil marine says No Sir and then he says

He says Yes Sir!
And He says thats all for now i suggest you all study hard about military weapons so i wont make you do all those push ups!
This thread is totally ridiculous. Just out of interest how old are you?

Kids will always play gun games, they don't need some moronic character to enforce that.

Since when is our standard of moral conduct based on that of Islamic extremists. If extremists are showing kids hate propaganda, it in no way means we should use an equivalent.
And it is implied that you are equating military use with hate.

But we shouldn't be teaching children that anyway.
Let them play their games and be kids :)
What im saying if all these Islamic Jihad people have to influance kids to become suicide bomber terrorist why cant we teach our kids just how cool life in the military is and you wouldnt have all these people being to negitive about our military.And when they grow up to be teens and find out the realistic stuff in life you cant find a job then enlist in the armed forces and get an military career.
We should focus more on why the kids can't get jobs than promoting military service.

Also, the military is not for everyone. If it was it wouldn't be as effective as it is/was.
Suicide Bombers are not for every arab too.But Countries like Lebanon,Syria and Iran are forcing kids to become suicide bombers. Theyre even teaching kids how to be suicide bombers in school in Gaza.