Iran with Nuclear Weapons

Andy D

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Jan 3, 2007
There is a report in the Financial Times that the EU no longer believe economic sanctions will work to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The report claims that technological limitations have been the only thing preventing Iran from creating the weapon, and diplomatic pressure has had little or no effect.

So my question to the forum, “What do we do now?”
We start talking to them. It seems to be working in North Korea, why not Iran? Ultimately as a nation they have a right to defend themselves, I just can't get on their case for trying to make it hard for us to invade them.

Iran has some serious stability issues with its oil infrastructure (and thus its tax base) that could send the country into insolvency as soon as 2012 is what I believe I read. I think we should take advantage of that situation to open the door for better relations, while helping stabilize their country. The last thing the US or Iran wants is a crumbling Iran with Nuclear Weapons. If thats the only point of common ground we have, lets use it to both our advantages.
I'm not so sure direct dialogue with the west would make much of an impact. But what about dialogue with or through someone like Turkey? Of course, Turkey may not be fundamentalist enough in the way Islam influences the government there, but I would tend to think Turkey could connect with the POB in Iran better than the US or the UK could.