Japanese Wait In Line For Krispy Kreme Donuts?!


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Jul 3, 2006
The Japanese have always intrigued me. So much so that I recently spent 20 hours on a flight to see Japan. It was definately different. Most of the Japanese take a humble and heathy approach to eating. Smaller portions and eating lots of rice, noodles, fish and vegtables. The food was great although vegatarians should be cautious since most dishes are served in a fish stock.

The latest craze is waiting in line (for hours?!) for Krispy Kreme donuts in the largest section of Tokyo, Shinjuku.

Recently Krispy Kreme donuts came to the Boston area and opened three stores. All have closed because of the competition from Boston's main coffee and donut seller, Dunkin Donuts.

I personally am not a fan of Krispy Kremes. So I find it rather quirky that the Japanese would wait in line for so long for a mediocore donut.

To all the Japanese who I love so much: Their donuts aren't that great!
Doughnuts in general don't hold much attraction for me anymore. It's a pity, as there is a local shop here that would put any of the big chains to shame. But I guess it is a good thing, since I don't need the sugar and fat anyway.
The only Krispy Kreme donut that is really better than the competitors' donuts is their original glazed donut...the rest are so-so.

I don't find it too remarkable that the Japanese were in line for them; when Krispy Kreme opened in my area over 5 years ago, there was a huge line for months.
I have to agree that Krispy Kreme is sugar overload. Watching them cook in the grease bath is an interesting watch, but I don't reallly care for them much. I know die-hard fans though.
Yep, I remember the furor when Krispy Kreme opened here. Actually, another long time doughnut shop here in town shut down after KK had been in town for about six months. Dunkin Doughnuts tried to set up shop here also, but only made it for a year. Krispy Kreme pretty much rules the east side of town when it comes to doughnuts and this one local shop in the midtown area holds sway there. It is almost like they have divvied up territories or something.
I don't know, I don't think there's much better out there than a HOT, FRESH Krispy Kreme. I have had some other donuts, and there are definitely better ones out there, however, there's nothing like a hot, fresh KK, IMHO.
Maybe it is a similar phenomenon to people who occasionally have to have a White Castle or a Krystal. I am prone to Krystal attacks myself. When I want Krystal burgers, no other burger will do the trick. Perhaps Krispy Kreme devotees have a similar experience?
My bum brothers in law took me to white castle for my bachelor party. They don't have one in NY where they live, so they couldn't wait. I had the worst stomach ache the next morning.
LOL. Back in my drinking days, we use to gather at krystals in the wee hours of the morning, simply because it was the only thing open. for some reason, those little grease bombs would stay down and even helped to sober us up a little for some reason.
I was living in New York city when the first Krispy Kreme donuts open there, on 23rd. street. I worked in the area and would go by there every day, and in the morning, there was at least a 10 people line waiting outside to buy them... and for New Yorkers that was amazing.