Knowing what you know today...


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Mar 31, 2007
What would you have done with your money 10 years ago?
What would you have done with it 15 years ago? 20 years ago? Of course many of you probably wouldn't be born yet, or even have the concept of money. But if you could turn back time (a la Cher!) What would you invest your money in? What advice would you have followed? Do you regret any move you made financially?
I think what I would change is I would have invested more in real estate for the long term. I've bought and sold houses I've lived in but I wish I'd bought more for rentals while the prices rose.
I would go back to the early 90's and put all my money into Cisco before it rose over 14000%. Then I wouldn't have to work again and I would go to school and spend time traveling and learning other languages.
I would have invested in Apple stocks, I think. And probably started myself some type of market fund. Who knows!
I would love to go back to my teenage years and know what I know now. I would be investing my part time job earnings in Walmart and Microsoft, plus sending in predictions to the National Enguirer that were eerily on target. By the time I got back to my present age, I would be a very rich psychic.
Haha...never thought about becoming a psychic. That's a pretty interesting twist.

What else would everyone do differently, excluding investing in stocks that are hot now?
Nothing. I hadn't a dime to my name 10 years ago, or 15, and I wasn't even born 20 years ago!

Damn. I'm too young for this lol :P

That said, the financial climate especially regarding youth investement is almost a universe apart from back 10 years ago. It pretty much didn't even exist then.
Haha...never thought about becoming a psychic. That's a pretty interesting twist.

What else would everyone do differently, excluding investing in stocks that are hot now?

I think I would've said NO to man y YES I regretted over the years! Oh, and knowing what I know, I would love to get back into my teenage years and say some stuff to a couple of teachers that made my life a living hell!
LOL I had not thought about settling a score or two with some teachers, but now that you mention it, there are one or two that, looking at their actions from the distance of a number of years, were truly counterproductive toward not just me, but some of the kids in my classes. I would love the chance to go back now, knowing what I know, and see if I couldn't toss a monkey wrench into their self-aggrandizing attitudes.
Well 20 years ago I was only 17 so I guess the only thing I might have done differently is save more from my part time job.
I don't know what I would have done differently, except not waste so much of it. There were a lot of foolish things we bought, things that were wants and not needs, that we could have easily lived without. And I would have saved more.
Yep, I can see plenty of that in my life too. Of course, I can think of how in some of those instances, it put me in line with what turned out to be some good things that I may not have ever encountered if not for the waste beforehand. It is probably a good thing we can't go back and tweak the past; we might end up on a path that would ultimatly lead us away from some of the good stuff.
I think the only thing i would have done differently is take a little more risk with my money overall i am a saver but when your young u should take more risk to grow your money.
I am pretty conservative as well, but the older I get I find myself taking a few risks that I wouldn't have years ago.
I don't know jack about the stock market, investing, etc. Mostly I just try to keep as much as i can in savings and maintain good credit.