Lessons learned from my American Experience!

Oh I'm so hurt......Yeah by the way mom and dad said hi!...Mr. Shaman please it's bad enough I got Always on trying to flame on me, oh excuse me a minute...yawnnnnnnnn please don't take it upon yourself to do the same.


LooseChange said:
Please let the Republicans win in 2010 and 2012......I want to hate on our government even more when they are in power....

Yeah....whatta productive-sentiment.


Leave this kind o' sophomoric-humor up to the Freepers, Dead-O-Heads, Deathers, Tea-Baggers & Oathers. They're better at it....mostly because there's no work/thought/imagination required.​
Hey loosechange, just to let you know I fought the "Battle of the Bulge"!

Yeah....you really worked-up a sweat......

The Republicans started class warfare under Reagan, and continued it under both Bushes. The last thing we need is more mixing of state and religion. We need more liberalism not less. Worker's protection from their employers has declined greatly since the early 1980s.

Class warfare has been a methodology for gaining power since we were carrying clubs. Teddy Roosevelt used it when talking about the "nitwits" in this country. He was describing anyone who didn't have formal education. Abraham Lincoln used class warfare to defend his military action against the south. World wide the examples are endless.

I agree on the mixing of state and religion, but our constitution doesn't say we should be "free of religion", it protects our right to freely practice our religion. Way too many people have become thin skinned about other people's desire to show their respect for their god. When a WWI Memorial Cross needs to be covered up because it offends a few people, then we have gone too far.

I'm dumbfounded at this ranting about workers rights. We are not living in the early 20th century. The workers of today couldn't last 16 minutes in what was considered acceptable working conditions of that time. Healthcare was going to see the blacksmith so he could pull an abscessed tooth. Air conditioning didn't even exist. Stop blaming the corporations for something that we all did to ourselves.
More liberalism? Are you serious.

What has that done to help the inner cities that are all run by very liberal people?

Show me the progress?

Couldn't agree more...what we need is more private industry jobs. What we keep getting is handouts and civil service jobs. Neither of which economically supportable over the long term.
Hey loosechange, just to let you know I fought the "Battle of the Bulge" !

now that took courage! What about your conquests?

Prove it. What was your unit designation, your CO's name and rank, etc.
You are not old enough to have been in that battle. You are making stuff up to look good. What color were your boots? What rifle did you carry? What did you eat? How long was your bayonet? What is does a little folding p38 do? What is the differance between "K" and "C"?