Mayors: U.S. worsens Mexican violence by returning criminal aliens to border towns


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Jan 23, 2009
San Diego, CA
Yes, you heard that right.

Various mayors of Mexican cities say that it's the U.S.'s fault that Mexican citizen criminals, in Mexican cities, are making things worse in those Mexican cities.

I'd say they've been listening to Barack Obama too much. You know, the one who says that when his policies drag down the national economy and cause alarm and uncertainty among hiring businesses, it's Fox News that's "destructive" when they report it.

Remind me again why it's OUR responsibility to take care of these Mexican criminals who illegally invaded our country to break our laws here? Maybe you mayors should deal with these Mexican citizens in Mexico, instead of letting them come here in the first place, eh amigos?

But we'll make you a deal.

We'll take ALL your criminals and keep them, if you'll take all of our liberals and keep them.

There are quick and effective ways of dealing with criminals, once we get rid of our liberals.

But as for your end of the bargain.... God help you.


U.S. Worsens Mexican Violence by Returning Criminal Aliens to Border Cities, Mayors Say

by Diane Macedo
Published September 29, 2010

A coalition of Mexican mayors has asked the United States to stop deporting illegal immigrants who have been convicted of serious crimes in the U.S. to Mexican border cities, saying the deportations are contributing to Mexican border violence.

The request was made at a recent San Diego conference in which the mayors of four Mexican border cities and one U.S. mayor, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, gathered to discuss cross-border issues.

Ciudad Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes blamed U.S. deportation policy for contributing to his city's violence, saying that of the 80,000 people deported to Juarez in the past three years, 28,000 had U.S. criminal records -- including 7,000 convicted rapists and 2,000 convicted murderers.

Those criminal deportees, he said, have contributed to the violence in Juarez, which has reported more than 2,200 murders this year. Reyes and the other Mexican mayors said that when the U.S. deports criminals back to Mexico, it should fly them to their hometowns, not just bus them to the border.
Re: Mayors: U.S. worsens Mexican violence by returning criminal aliens to border town

How but this,, Were take all your criminals if you build a UN building in mexico city and you can have UN deligates and we evict UN deligates from NYC.