McCain linked to group in Iran-Contra affair

I did not get your name is it polly? We can all see what Bush has done too this country McCain would do far worst and make Stalin look like an altar boy.
I have not heard such an asinine piece of fantasy so twisted and perverse in quite some time. No one is deceived with all the diversions, the fact of the matter is Communism which Jews like Trotsky took over to Russia forming the Soviet Union is the Real issue.

Why yes, of course. It's all so clear now. It had nothing to do with Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Mhin, Castro or anyone else... No no no! Communism was due to the Jews! Darn those Jew people.


They have already made torture legal they just hope to weaken the nation some more before they try and implement the type of things they do in Bagdad. In case the slow methodical Fabian approach has gotten around your radar/awareness, the use of the Tasar gun is legalized torture, and many Americans have died from it.

I’m confident true Americans see how you communist/terrorist are trying to use fear, lies, and negativity to replace freedom with communism (by McCain). The N.S.A now spies on all Americans; this is straight from the Soviet Union. Chertoff now employs former K.G.B and STASI agents working in the so-called department of Homeland Security.

We would have never had this unneeded Agency if it was not for the false flag operation. We now have a Zionist over this bogus governmental agency. The secret banks that make up the core of the Federal Reserve are Israeli banks/ banking houses. Understanding who financed what happened in New York City is the simple use of common sense. Socialism has nothing to do with it.

Right.... zionist... federal reserve... secret banks... taser guns... former KGB working for homeland security... McCain is a communist.... empty concentration camps... and it all financed New York.

0.o er.... o.0 well ok then.