McCain short on funds, forced to scale back get out the vote effort


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Sep 3, 2007
Washington state
What do you want to bet they wish they had that 150k they spent on Palin's clothes and hair. For that matter, I'm pretty sure John McCain is wishing right about now he'd never even heard of Sarah Palin.

The decision to finance a final advertising push is forcing McCain to curtail spending on Election Day ground forces to help usher his supporters to the polls, according to Republican consultants familiar with McCain's strategy.

The vaunted, 72-hour plan that President Bush used to mobilize voters in 2000 and 2004 has been scaled back for McCain. He has spent half as much as Obama on staffing and has opened far fewer field offices. This week, a number of veteran GOP operatives who orchestrate door-to-door efforts to get voters to the polls were told they should not expect to receive plane tickets, rental cars or hotel rooms from the campaign