Michel Aoun: from christian leader to nationalist leader!


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Sep 5, 2007
After he came back home some years ago, the man seems deeply changed. Contrary to his christian compatriots- like Jaajaa or AlGemayel or the priest Sfair- who are critisizing him seriously today for not being concerned by christian destiny or unity--Michel Aoun play the deaf for both the "unlegitimate" govt and his Christian adversaries in the Anti-syrian clan despite he's a moderate anti-syrian himself.

His strong coalition with Hezballah amazed many viewers including USraelis who seem unable deal with him; indeed he's from the rarest christian leaders who his posters are present in both christian and muslim cities in Bayrouth!

despite i saw the man with his suspected past - his wealth, his ties with Saddam and french intelligence...-The man has definetely overpassed the confessional mentality who run the politic scene there, he wants to be leader for all lebaneses!