More post 9/11 anniversary analysis


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Aug 22, 2006
The obvious question that always hovers around hasn't been asked here yet because I think most of us expect a particular answer...

"In the time that has gone past since 9-11-2001, has America become a safer place?"

If you don't live in America, why not apply that to your own country?

What needs to be kept in mind is that the global climate is not the responsibility of a single man, and that there has always been a tension of ideologies. But by all means, do state and explain your opinions.
The answer is obviously no. How was it, that Government Officials--Weapons Inspectors to be exact--were able to sneak enough radioactive material to make two dirty bombs? (This about five or six months ago) How did they do it? Falsifying documents, which probably costed them no more than a big screen tv goes for. Airports are no longer safe. Sure, the metal detectors and bomb sniffing machines can give you the impression that we are doing our part, but many Americans fail to realize that there is a whole other world behind the hangar doors. There are uneducated people who do all the slave labor at the airports, and bribing them is not very hard to do. Who can forget the sudden spike in global terrorism? After we invaded Iraq, tensions in the Middle East have not been qwelled--it is the exact opposite.

Don't let anyone in the media fool you, we are not 'safer' than we were on 9/10. We are just more aware of the fact that a very large group of people doesn't like us.
I can honestly say that I do not feel any safer than back in 2001. Sure there have been minor changes to security procedures, but I don't think the government is working toward security... I think they are working toward better approval ratings.