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Sep 29, 2006
After viewing a video clip from a link posted in another post, I remembered another shocking facet of US society. The mullet haircut. For those of you who don't know, this hideous shaping of the male (and sometimes female) hair involves a normally groomed haircut on the top and sides, but with a gross carpet of hair creeping down the back. Personally, I think we need to devote some of our time into combatting the persistence and spread of the mullet. Other hideous haircuts that might fall within the same rubric:

The rat tail (mullet in training)
The male ponytail (dude, why?)
The curly mullet (Ever seen Hard Target?)
The male ponytail with a bald spot (you're not covering anything)
LOL. I personally hate long hair on men. Anything that dares touch the shoulders should be banned from male society.
Totally agree on the mullets. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, quite possibly the home town of the mullet, but yeah it should go.

I'm loving that the networks all have guys in prison/military hair cuts now. Finally that low maintenence buzz cut from when I was a kid (totally unconcerned with appearance) is actually in style! Cheap haircuts for all! (especially the mullets!)
Well, it would be a damned good campaign issue for this election. Frankly, I'd love to hear people like Joe Liebermann come out for or against it! LOL.
Albeit irrelevant (maybe that shoud be irreverent), I must admit that I do not advocate bad taste and poor aesthetics "just because" and "to make a fashion statement". Often it is a self-defeating exercise. And besides mullets are ug-FU**! I just realised I'm starting to grow one myself. After all, I haven't had a hair-cut in excess of 6 months now, and probably won't for at least another month...I have exams and a busy schedule and despite liking my hair relatively short (otherwise it gets in the way of my lifestyle) I hate getting haircuts.
Joe Dirt! Joe Dirt! Joe Dirt!

Yes, the mullet is a hideous haircut / hairstyle.

I love 80's style long hair on men, though. Even though that rock star look is long gone - it's a fantasy for alot of women to have a guy like that.
Furthermore, I believe that penalties should be imposed on men who sport not only a mullet, but a "perv stache" as well. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's usually a blonde mustache that gives the upper lip the appearance of a mutant peach. That double whammy should carry a higher fine than littering or public urination.
Hahahahha! The mullet. That is a deal breaker right there but it's a true fact, they are coming back in full effect. I saw this dude the other day and I was like, Time Machine, you work? because he was straight out of Mullet land.
Actual proper full on mullets, with shorter hair on top, and longer hair underneath, look absolutely hideous. Longer hair on men though, I'm fine with. In fact, hang on one second. Yep, my fiancé has long hair, and it still looks gorgeous on him. But then maybe it's because he has the Italian skin, blue eyes, and perfect cheekbones to pull it off. Ok I'll stop now, a puddle is forming on my keyboard.
I love long hair on men. Because we currently consider that a more feminine style, it's a nice contrast with masculinity that I think is sexy. Consider Antonio Banderas in Interview with the Vampire. Yum.
The mullet is thought to have originated in the southeastern U.S. but, there is some evidence that it may have begun in European nations. I refer to Bono, The Thompson Twins and Duran Duran. Clearly, '80s musicians are responsible for the infestation.
Males tend to suffer from mulletitis for approximately five years at which time the disease seems to dissapear in one day. The male gets married and is forced into getting a haricut or, he looks into the mirror and realizes how stupid he looks and immediately gets his head shaved. He then will keep the shaved look for a few years. Please, be advised that head-shaving causes the muellet to morph. If the male tries to regrow hair, he finds he now sufers from a receding hairline. If not treated properly, this may end in the dreaded comb-over.
It primarly effects caucasion males but, when females catch mulletitis, it is nearly impossible to cure. Females tend to think that they actually look good with a mullet. If the female responds to an intervention, she normally spends the rest of her life trying variations of the mullet she once proudly sported. She most likely will never be free of the mullet unless she turns forty or gets a divorce which causes her to cut her hair into a very short, stylish cut. This is the only known cure.
Right, I'm sticking that right up there with the avoidant and histrionic axes of clinical psychiatric presentations. Awesome stuff.
I am one of the few males who was able to fight off the mullet gene successfully. Looking back at pictures of some of my friends from the late eighties and early nineties, I consider myself to be greatly blessed by my apparent immunity during the height of the disease.
I agree with you all on the mullet. But I will say that it must be coming back in style because I have seen quite a few of them lately. I hadn't seen them for awhile but now I see them quite a bit.
Some of the variants of this cultural epidemic "capilli horribilis" to be noted as equally, if not more greatly provocative of disapprobation and general perturbation of the distractive variety would be the "random sideburns" and "tufted lower lip and stash". I saw one of the former on a man who was commenting on cultural paranoia and I could not hear a thing he said- my attention was intractably drawn to his ridiculous sideburns and goatee.