national notification


Feb 16, 2007
I would like to change the manner in which teachers acquire certification. Currently, teachers need to be certified in each state they wish to teach. If they move, they will have to apply and complete any deficient requirements for that particular state. When I moved from Louisiana to Illinois, I was required to take one additional course before I could get a permanent certification (Illinois issued a "temp" license while you pursue the requirements). Some states to have reciprocal agreements, but do not.

Personally, I feel the that "states" should not be issuing licenses. I believe it adds unnecessary expense. State should still require a "certain" standard, but why take on the added expense. It would be more prudent and cost effective to let the educators be the licensing agent.

A national panel and board could determine the standard based on the requirements of the individual states. The employees of the state licensing departments would be hire by this new agency. The workers who are not re-hire could be reassign in another government agency. The cost saved will allow government agencies to increase staffing in departments that are under staff. Furthermore, the private licensing organization would run more efficiently and be in a better position to help coordinate human resources.

In addition, I would like to see the gradual elimination of the Department of Education. There is not one program that has been effective. Most of the programs are expected to be paid for by local agencies. Consequently, many of the progams are under funded or simply is not executed properly. The "National Standards" can be determine by the private organization, or through consortium of educators directed by private educators. Ideally under the auspices of my new organization.

I prefer to see a professional organization than the present "Union."