New Baseball Ruling


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Nov 1, 2006
A new ruling was put in place on Friday. According to what I've read, any player that scuffs or defaces a baseball during the game would face an automatic ejection from the game and an automatic 10-game suspension. In the past, an umpire had the option of giving a warning if a pitcher was thought to have done something to affect the ball, altering the characteristic of the pitch. However, now it seems any player will be dealt with much harsher.

Do you think this will help or hinder the game?
I really don't know a ton about baseball. I do like to watch the game though. I don't see anything wrong with the new rule. I mean if they are doing something to the ball isn't that kind of a form of cheating?
That's what I would think, but wouldn't they have to stop the game, before someone batted the ball, to check the ball to see if it's been altered? How are they going to regulate it? I mean, just hitting a ball will make impressions on it, it hitting a rock or something will nick it. I don't see how they'll determine who's guilty and who is not.
Keep in mind that a single baseball is only used a few times before it is retired. Those who keep up with the game balls have a very good sense of what is normal and usual wear and tear on a given baseball. The umpire has always been in a position to spot anything amiss with the ball currently being used. A ball that appears to be tampered with would immediately be replaced and the game could continue while the ball in question is checked out in detail.
Yes, you are right that the umpire would probably be the first to spot something. I would think that if someone on the team spotted something it could be mentioned and like the above poster stated just get a new ball and keep the game going.
I think this rule is a little bit over the top. It seems to be aimed specificaly at pitchers, who may alter or put a substance on the ball to help their pitching.