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News Corp., Liberty cut share-swap deal - MarketWatch

Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by News, Dec 22, 2006.

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    News Corp., Liberty cut share-swap deal
    [SIZE=-1]MarketWatch - 3 hours ago[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]By William Spain, MarketWatch. CHICAGO (MarketWatch) -- News Corp. has signed a share-swap deal with Liberty Media in which the latter will relinquish its entire stake in the former in exchange for more than a third of DirecTV, three regional sports ...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Murdoch Consolidates Control Over News Corp. [SIZE=-1]Forbes[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]DirecTV Swap with News Corp. Puts Malone in Charge of DBS [SIZE=-1]BetaNews[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]CRM Buyer - Playfuls.com - MSNBC - Bloomberg[/SIZE]
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