Now I like fishing as m uch as the next guy but this ?


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Dec 24, 2009
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may be a cast or two over the edge

Varsity bass fishing coming to a state near you (well maybe just me) ? hmmmm...

scholarships for college fishin' teams ? don't hold your breath.

Football, basketball, baseball and … bass fishing?

High schools in South Carolina are bidding to make fishing an official high school sport, with teams, leagues and varsity letters. And with pro tournaments and television shows about fishing making it more popular than ever, some say it’s time for schools to recognize the activity as a full-fledged sport.


“If it was recognized as a varsity sport, then your benefits would be you can letter in it, you can get scholarships,” said Camden Fishing Club member Catie Charles, a freshman. “But right now you don’t. You just go out there for fun and nobody really notices.”

No one is claiming fishing is as demanding as that other sport that counts ‘tackle’ in its lexicon, but the anglers say there’s more to fishing than sitting back and watching for a bobber to dart underwater.

there is the joy of the great outdoors, the 200hp outboards screaming down the creek or across the pond and, of course, the consumption of beer....