Obama backpeddle speeds up

....its' the usual thing Masher, reality catching up with rhetoric.

Its equally relevant to McCain as it is to Obama though, all the verbal masturbation at conventions for those with limited IQs is just fodder for the sheep. They get what they want to hear so the candidates can get them through the vote dip and then later on when all the whooping and wooing has sudsided the election process "proper" can get underway. This process is where the pre-presidential advisers can start "interpreting" what the campaign advisers thought would win votes thus now we are entering the "what I really meant" phase where reasoned debate can take place and where the IQ level is elevated (just a tad).

Mr. Obama, whose candidacy was fueled by his anti-war position on Iraq, has since softened the way he describes his pullout plan, saying he would be "as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in."

reality catching up with rhetoric...its a good sign though at least the man's learning!

Mr. McCain, a supporter of the Iraq war from the beginning and a defender of the U.S. military surge, backs a continued military presence there until the Iraqi government and its military can ensure the country's safety and stability on its own.

Policy convergence?

In sharp contrast to Mr. Obama's withdrawal timetable of two brigades a month from the 15 combat brigades there now, Mr. Kahl suggests, "the new administration should signal its intention to transition to a 'support,' or 'overwatch,' role by announcing the near-term reduction of U.S. forces to perhaps 12 brigades."

US political advisers have been consulting their UK counterparts methinks on the best way to spin this story, this is exactly what the UK's military presence in Iraq is now termed as! We have not moved any troops out of Iraq.