Our allies love Bin Laden

Hard Driver

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Jun 10, 2007

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf -- a key U.S. ally -- is less popular in his own country than al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden

So, we invade a country that does not have ties to Al Qaida, and the result is more Al Qaida.

And we are allies with a country that is protecting him with a truce that allows Al Qaida to live an unfettered existance. And the people in the "ally" support Bin Laden more than they support the government we are allied with...

This just just plain FUBAR. And if we did not have all of our troops and resources tied up in Iraq, we would be able to be putting the pressure from a position of strength and moral rightousness on Pakistan to get Bin Laden or we will.

What happened to this policy that if you protect terrorists, then are will be treated as one.
You are asking questions that only GWB has answers to, and he doesnt have very good ones I would bet. Certainly the current foreign policy situation is the worst we find ourselves apart of in at least a generation.
Hypocracy, appeasement, and out right bribery have become the norm.