Our Taxpayer Dollars at Work!


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Jul 14, 2006
from CNN:
NEW YORK (AP) -- People who took an illegal drug made from mushrooms reported profound mystical experiences that led to behavior changes lasting for weeks -- all part of an experiment that recalls the psychedelic '60s.

Many of the 36 volunteers rated their reaction to a single dose of the drug, called psilocybin, as one of the most meaningful or spiritually significant experiences of their lives. Some compared it to the birth of a child or the death of a parent.

Such comments "just seemed unbelievable," said Roland Griffiths of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, the study's lead author.

But don't try this at home, he warned. "Absolutely don't."

God knows how many millions of dollars were spent on this study, but damn! I could and would have told them what the results of this study would have been for free . . . . :banana: :banana: :D
This is why I hate taxes! Individuals know better than government on how to spend money. The fact that the government supported this is disturbing.

What was the findings? Eating psychedelic mushrooms causes people to hallucinate. Thank you research for telling people the obvious!
Ha! it's like your own mental time machine. Eat mushrooms and pretend its the 60's all over again. What a great way to think your Austin Powers.
Unbelieveable. You have any idea how many children are starving out there and they spend money on this??
No kidding. Weren't tests on hallucinogenic drugs done decades ago anyway?? Why the heck are we repeating outdated research?
Those tests were on LSD... these are on psilocybin, big difference...
**Note the sarcasm in my text**
The thing is if they wanted an answer to this question there are oh, I don't know...a billion baby boomers who could have told them.
the government conducts thousands of toxicity tests every year, for no valid reason. any citizen may add a compound to a list of ones to be tested using the LD 50 test on small animals.
basically they force feed the compound to the critters untill 50% of them die...
my point..?
the American government loves to waste money on torturous and un needed testing. we all know the results before the testing ever begins, so why bother?
Not that I'm saying the study was necessary or anything, but maybe they additionally studied physiological reactions too, which is something that can't be done just from interviews from previous users.
Well if you want to get specific about the issue... No they couldn't have. The scientific data wouldn't have had a valid control because the subjects were not given the substance in a controlled environment. Not that I think these tests would yield anything but predictable results... I'm just playing the Devil's advocate here.