Paranoia, paranoid psychosis and schizophrenia induced by religion and philosophy


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Dec 12, 2009
Is it possible that religion is causing psychoses ? Is it possible that the same is doing philosophy ? Is it possible that religion is one big false and philosophy contains only nonsenses ?
lately appeared new theory which is connecting religion and philosophy with mental illness, it is describing in text "Religion and philosophy as illness":
(the author of the text originates from outside of Anglosaxon lingual area)

1. All domain of esoterism, of yoga, of meditation can be counted to area of primeval religion. It is the same what shamanistic beliefs and practices.

2. These practices consist in obtainment of state of trance, as same as meditation [frequency of brain waves attains level Theta/Delta 0,5-7 Hz, similarly as during a sleep].
Trance is state of waking dream, in the same way one defined schizophrenia and in the same way can be defined paranoid psychosis.

3. Thus this domain doesn't lead to enlightenment, only psychosis, that is to say illness.

4. The illness appeared at the rising of religion, before tens thousands of years, and the illness appeared on following stage of development of religion and at the rising and during the development of philosophy.

5. All field of religion, philosophy - which is in fact an only certain version of religion, and most of the humanities, are self possessed by morbid condition.

6. Exist no supernatural beings, from field of religion stays only reincarnation, but understood unlike till now.

7. The law of karma is a fiction.

8. Posthumous state is the same what state of sleep - it is a state of unconsciousness, and is not a state of intelligent and goal directed activity - this is state of unactiveness.

9. Religion should disappear and give place subdomain of psychology interesting in the problem of 'posthumous state' as identical with state of sleep. There should disappear also philosophy and give place history of Science."

about psychosis:
"The british neurologist Hughlings Jackson (1835-1911) had remarked: 'find out all about dreams, and you will find out all about insenity'.
In the first years after discovery of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, researchers belived they had acquired a tool for investigation of Haughlings Jackson's premise. They supposed that schizophrenia might represent the intrusion of the dream state into wakefulness, and, therefore, there was the prospect of being able to link dream cognition to psychosis through REM sleep."

about buddhism:
"Buddhism for example consists in obtainment of the state of waking dream, which wrongly, similarly how in old shamanism, is taking as enlightenment; further it has to mean going out and the break up of elements of the mental life - in this it is visible nihilism; in fact the losing of consciousness in the state of nirvana is the same what the losing of consciousness after fall into a sleep, and the only abiding effect is developing paranoid psychosis, the same refers to other forms of yoga (the enlightenment is a fiction)..."

about origin of religion, polytheism, monotheism, theism, absolutism, philosophy:
"The beginning of religion ties in with the answer on the question about afterlife and with the rising of practices of shamanistic poisonings. These practices and technic of trance, that is to say waking dream (see p.2.), led to the development of mental illness.
The rising of polytheism was connected with some morbid condition, because previous tendention had to find some form of continuation.
The rising of monotheism ties in with the person of Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV, pharaoh of Egypt 1353–36 BC), which suffered from Marfan's syndrome and because of disorders caused by this illness modified exaggeratedly and pathologically well-known more early monolatry. Akhenaten was a real founder of monotheism.
Middle East Aryans brought, during incursions, newly arisen monotheism to India. There came into being also the first philosophical version of this abnormal doctrine which we find in Upanishad, this is conception of absolute...
The rising of philosophy in Greece distinguishes the appearance of the following ill figure, which was Pythagoras who created philosophy as the certain sort of absolutism (that is to say monotheism), so only as certain version of religion. Thenceforward, until today the most of philosophy exists exclusively as a certain sort of religion.
Morbid condition is well visible at continuators of Pythagoras, such as Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Thomas, Kant, Hegel and others. "

this remark from the article shows that criticism of religion isn't the same what leftist ideology:
"On the other hand, leftist ethics and politics leads also to bad results similarly as described earlier sickness states. Examples can be problems of homosexualism, unborn childs or ′gift′ which made for USSR democratic President of the United States Truman in the form of Atomic weapon - what was a greatest political mistake in history (Truman procrastinated so long till the competitive power accessed to the new military technology). US Democrats had, have and will have unprobably stupid presidents."

mystical enlightenment is a sick fiction, monotheism is a sick fiction, conception of absolute is a sick fiction etc., a scale of occurrence of psychoses on the religious and philosophical background is in today′s world huge, and the same was also formerly.
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All cult like behaviors (religion being one) that are heavily pressed onto others do create a certain "Herd Mentality". You are either with us or against us type of scenario.

It would not surprise me that there is a psychological link between fanaticism and mental illness in a mind control sort of way.

Interesting post my friend from Holland.
Interesting post my friend from Holland.
Thank you
All cult like behaviors (religion being one) that are heavily pressed onto others do create a certain "Herd Mentality". You are either with us or against us type of scenario.
it is feeble minded way of thinking - only two 'colors', both wrong
It would not surprise me that there is a psychological link between fanaticism and mental illness in a mind control sort of way.
I think that religious fanaticism can be treat as a symptom of mental illness
Is it possible that religion is causing psychoses?

Religion is made up BS meant to control people.... YES it has dine MORE HARM than anything else....

GOD is good... Relgion is not!