Pee See postage stamps


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Jan 9, 2008
I'll never forget when ten years ago during the clintonista reign the post office issued a stamp honoring Malcolm x:


In many photos I've seen of him, he is deliberately and egomaniacally pointing to his supposed brain. This person was one of the worst anti-white racists the US has even seen. Notice how they apparently struggled for a title for this piece of crap, settling on the ambiguous and non-committal "black heritage". If Malcolm X knew of this stamp, he probably would have laughed himself sick - it's as if Israel issued a hitler stamp.

Now, they've done it again - a stamp honoring Ruben Salazar, a mexican-american reporter and "activist" in the 1960s. After a march by latinos against the vietnam war in 1970 in east los angeles, which distintegrated into a riot, he got hit in the head by a stray tear gas grenade, and died. That makes him a local latino "hero", and here's the stamp:


Notice how again they can't come up with a title - evidence that it's just pee see BS. Local lore has it that it was a "police riot", but here's a photo showing police ducking and taking cover from stones and bricks thrown at them: