Political Metaphor: Sheep, shepherd, sheep dogs....


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Apr 25, 2007
Coyote died for your sheep
So here's a metaphor...what do you think...

Sheep, shepherd, sheep dogs....

See, the sheep trust the shepherd - he protects them from harm. Sheep dogs work by acting like predators. That's how they move sheep. The stalk, crouch, eye, and move fast. The sheep don't want them near them, so they move to the shepherd (safety) or away from the dogs (distance, less pressure). Sheep dogs don't protect the sheep. That's the job of another group - livestock guardians dogs that live among the sheep.

Now, what the sheep DON'T know is that the sheep dogs won't actually bite them. They don't know that the sheep dogs are trained under the direction of the shepherd. They only know the shepherd equals safety, and the shepherd will keep the dogs off them. Now a lot of sheep dogs, full of themselves, or poorly trained, or simply frustrated beyond endurance by pressures will occassionally cut in with a cheap shot, chase a few sheep, pull some wool. Sheep dogs are faux-wolves. The real wolves lurk quietly in the background waiting for an opportunity. They certainly aren't making noise to bring attention to themselves and when they strike, they strike to kill.

So we have our shepherd - The Administration - and we have our sheep - The Citizens. Who are the sheep dogs and who are the wolves? The shepherd determines who the sheep dogs are - who the sheep need to be afraid of. The sheep dogs here could be ... Iran, Iraq (pre-invasion), Syria. The shepherd is keeping us afraid of them, and driving us to him for protection as they circle, crouch, and work the sheep with rhetoric.

Who are the real wolves? Not sure. Not sure what North Korea is - I suspect North Korea is a barely controllable sheep dog, not a wolf. Al Queda, disguised as Afghanistan was a wolf I think. I also wonder if The Administration, in it's careful blurring of distinction between sheep dogs and wolves might not be a wolf in shepherd's guise?

Now...who are the livestock guardians? That's easy - our military, our police, our emergency professionals and probably a good many that you'd never recognize because you don't see them until they act. See livestock guardians look just like sheep, shaggy and big and white, and act like sheep until the need arises.