President Barack Obama...putting it all into perspective!

clipped from my post #24 & article :
There, distrust of American intentions runs deep, partly because the United States is seen as having abandoned the region after the Soviet Union’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, and there is widespread fear in the security establishment of a repetition of those events. And Pakistanis remain concerned about the possible implications of a huge troop surge just across their long and porous border with Afghanistan.

Could there be any wonder WHY the tribal leaders DON'T TRUST US and have been slow to come around and listen to our "we're going to help rebuild this country if you support our invasion and assist us with the capture of any Taliban operatives" speeches...THEY'VE BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT ONCE BEFORE IN THEIR LIFE TIMES AND NOW THEY KNOW WE ARE ALL TALK AND NO FOLLOW THROUGH. ;)

We've talked a big talk in the past {1989} and then just walked away and did nothing to follow up with those reconstruction who do they trust ??? the supposedly enemy of the Taliban {who will purchase their field of poppies and pay them a wage for fighting Americans} or to the GREAT WHITE AMERICANS WHO HAVE COME TO LIBERATE THEM ONCE AGAIN!