Presidential Revelations


Apr 18, 2007
Thursday’s presidential press conference allowed me to make a very important requirement of any future potential candidates. To be eligible for my vote, they must have traveled extensively overseas or emphasized comparative politics and world history in their studies.

President Bush has been on his democracy kick for a while now but finally today, he yielded to elitist pressure and insinuated that the lack of democracy was the real culprit of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In the world according to Bush, the 19 highjackers were tormented by a lack of democracy and injustices which led to their involvement in terrorism. In addition, the violence in Iraq, is owed to a pent up frustration by their historical lack of democracy.

Usually it’s the Democrats blaming America. Now Republicans have joined the chorus of Amerihating elites who believe that the U.S is the instigator of global crises. That notion isn’t what most disturbs me. The most frightening part of Bush’s flawed logic is his complete negation of the flawed culture which leads to Muslims perpetually involving themselves in violence and destruction.

The fighting in Somalia, Darfur, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Lebanon, Palestine, the Philippines, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Yemen. Are all of those war zones because of Arab Muslim voter suppression?

Lost in his theory of democracy as a global panacea, is the reality of what would happen if the Egyptian, Saudi Arabians and Pakistanis could actually vote. Does Bush really believe that the Egyptians would vote for Santa Claus?

Another problem with his insistence on promoting democracy world wide is the fundamental understanding that cultures are different and sometimes in-humane. The Germans during World War II participated in genocide. The early Americans slaughtered native Americans. The Romans laughed and cheered as Christians were fed to lions..........Bush is so fond of viewing the world in black and white, yet hesitates when it comes to casting judgment on a religion which arose and was spread through violence.

If he and other politicians are unwilling to view cultures for their positive and damaging core values, then the American moral leadership role will continue to fall away to a nation whose leaders are more willing to speak the truth.

America’s pervasive political correctness would have never allowed for a Sarkozy to call immigrant rioters “scum.” Until and unless our political discourse is characterized by candor and reflection as opposed to deceptive obfuscation, our problems will continue to go unsolved.

Muslim countries have problems that have nothing to do with the US, but the US of course does seek to take advantage of weakness of those it considers to be enemies of US business interests.

Pakistani elections are far more democratic than Egyptian ones. They are vastly different countries.