Raising the minimum wage?


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Aug 31, 2006
How do you guys feel about this? I think that it needs to be raised. I don't remember how long of the top of my head it has been since the last time it has been raised? But I do know it has been quite awhile. I just think that with the cost of living going up that the minimum wage should go up too. I really do feel for the people that are out there working for minimum wage or two jobs just to survive. I give them credit because a lot of people in this type of situation would rather stay home and collect welfare. Or maybe I shouldn't say rather but that a lot of times they would get more from the state than they do if they are working. I am not saying that I condone that either because I don't.
For sure, it's time. It's going to happen in CA and it's really for the best, because even someone who works 40 at minimum wage is barely going to make enough to live. It's insane.
Being no economist, I don't know much about the matter but of course that'd only be a real benefit if it's minimum wage rising compared to basic cost of living. As far as I understand, simply raising the minimum wage would result in a raised living cost all round anyway.

Linked issues would be the wage gaps as well as job market dynamics, I guess.
I defianlty think the minimum wage should be raised, but then surely the more its raised the more taxes we have to pay on things.
And i think there high enough!
It's a vicious circle. To have money, you have to make money. To have a paycheck, you have to pay taxes. I like the idea of a flat tax, something that the government wouldn't be able to mess with as easily as raising taxes on things now.
This all depends on where the cost of living is; after all if the cost of living isn’t kept in check there will have been no point in raising the minimum wage. Speaking from personal experience it is damn hard to make a living at minimum wage, no matter how many hours you work. I would welcome a wage increase but at the same time the cost of living should be closely watched and some way should be found to keep it from rising.
I think raising the minimum wage to a "living wage" is a good idea. Further I would index it to inflation so it says a living wage in years to come.

In terms of how the two relate: minimum wage increases increase the cost of doing business to people who sell goods. Those people then pass those costs on to consumers, resulting in some inflation. Fortunately since not everyone is working on minimum wage, the effect is diluted. The entire wage earning population absorbs the cost of a minimum wage increase that benefits just the bottom wage earners.

I think most people agree that the current minimum wage is not a living wage. The people who oppose the minimum wage increase oppose it primarily because they think such a thing should not exist, not because they believe its currently a living wage. (eg: you could make the case that a 16 y/o living with his parents while working at 7-11 does not need a living wage, and that having a minimum wage reduces imployers incentives to have low level positions.)
Of course taxes are high, but that's a system designed not only to fund our country, but be certain that people remain in the bracket they currently are. Agree or disagree?
I heard that was a feature of the Clinton era as far as the US was concerned. Anyone wanna flesh that one out?
The problem is that at the same time you have people screaming if you cannot find a job than go work at a fast food place they are always hiring. Now I do agree with that in the sense that if I had no income I would not hesitate to work in a fast food place. If it meant putting food on my table to feed my family you better believe I would do it in a heartbeat. But than you have some of these same people that say well the places that are hiring at minimum wage are the places where the teens work. The sad fact is that is not the case so much anymore. I feel that the mimumum wage should at least let you get close to providing some kind of basic support moneywise to your standard of living. But as it is there is no way this can be done at the wage that we are at. Heck I don't even think that the minumum wage for a single person would get you above the poverty level in the states. Don't quote me on that but I would be surprised if it actually did.
My husband makes more than minimum wage, but even with that, we're still really close to the federal poverty level for a family of 4. So, I don't think raising the minimum wage will help much. There will just be more taxes created to take back the little bit of extra you'll earn. :(
Perhaps we need to focus more on restructuring the income system than bumping up the "minimum wage". Any suggestions?
Maybe but come on, that's never going to happen. The trick is finding a job that will pay you more. They are out there - it's just the matter of finding them or creating them.
I know, and that's the problem. The system is such that everybody is forced to try taking advantage of it, and nothing will ever be solved this way.