Rasmussen: Obama trusted more on all major issues


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Sep 3, 2007
Washington state
Thanks to his strong performance in the debate, Obama is now trusted more on all 10 major issues in a Rasmussen Poll released yesterday. He even has a 1% lead over McCain in trust on the handling of the war in Iraq. Just two weeks ago, McCain had an 8% lead on this issue. Obama has always led among women but Obama has even caught up with men who are now evenly divided at 47% each over which candidate they trust more on the Iraq war.

Other interesting results: 47% of voters trust Obama more to balance the federal budget versus 43% who feel that way about McCain, 48% trust Obama more on taxes while 45% trust McCain more.

47% of voters now trust Obama more on negotiating trade agreements, compared to 43% who rate McCain higher.

Obama has an 8% lead in terms of trust on Social Security, his widest margin in this area since May.

In two areas where Obama has consistently led McCain for months, health care and the environment, he is now trusted by over half of voters and has record leads on his opponent.

Obama is even trusted more.. 43% to 40% on immigration now, another area where McCain has generally maintained a solid lead for the last couple months. He also leads McCain 47% to 42% in trust on abortion, an issue where the two men have been largely tied for the past two months.

BTW, Obama leads by 6% in both the Rasmussen and Gallup daily tracking polls today.
I like this. McCain is neither tied or ahead in any of these most recent polls. Usually there's always at least one sample that has at least one tie.

I see the Obama campaign just now really starting to kick it in high gear. And Mr. I know nothing about the economy McCain and Tina Fey Palin aren't doing themselves any favors when they speak.

This last few days we may well see a steady increase in the spread. America needs the change and Americans see more everyday OBAMA/BIDEN as the much stronger smarter choice!

RCP Average 09/21 - 09/29 -- 48.1 43.0 >>>>>>>>>>>> Obama +5.1

Gallup Tracking 09/27 - 09/29 2729 RV 49 43 >>>>>>>>> Obama +6

Rasmussen Tracking 09/27 - 09/29 3000 LV 51 45 >>>>> Obama +6

Hotline/FD Tracking 09/27 - 09/29 901 RV 47 41 >>>>>>> Obama +6

GW/Battleground Tracking 09/24 - 09/29 800 LV 48 46 >> Obama +2

CBS News/NY Times 09/21 - 09/24 LV 48 43 >>>>>>>>>> Obama +5

FOX News 09/22 - 09/23 900 RV 45 39 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Obama +6

Marist 09/22 - 09/23 689 LV 49 44 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Obama +5