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May 30, 2007

Maybe I am a little to ahead of myself in regards to Revolution, but I am concerned with the path that our government is heading, and I think Revolution, may be the only way out, for the democrats fear (to a degree) a removal of troops, and the republicans, have war-driven mentalities which will keep our country in war, and our troops precarious, some even against their will... Unless we find a candidate that can safely get us out of the war by using the right words, and making the right decisions as commander in chief, then we are bound for Revolution... The most aspiring candidate I know of is Ron Paul, and most of the people don't even know who he is.

If worst comes to worst, and someone like Rudy, Obama, Mccain, or Hilary gets elected, they will most likely leave our country at risk, leaving Revolution as the last solution to war, hence the title. Revolution will save our reputation, showing that we still have the American Spirit that our country is known for, and it will demand the changes needed to create a more prosperous country. Some see my peaceful intentions as weakness, but I assure you they are not, I merely believe that a more defensive strategy, with more effective diplomacy working primarily on peace negotiations, talking with whoever necessary, which includes Sadr, a powerful Islamist, than we will be closer to achieving peace in the Middle East, and our country will be safer, keeping our dignity in tact. Don't get me wrong... it takes steps to remove troops, but we are not doing our part in working these steps, as our obstinacy and pride gets in the way of effective diplomacy. They hate us for a reason, and that reason is envy, triggered by our vindictive, stubborn, prideful mentality... It takes two to create a state of war, just as it takes two to create a state of peace, and peace, is what all sides desire, as long as their needs are tended to, that is why we must work to make peace, more beneficial than war.


The footsteps followed the experience that I had in which God intervened in my life... I believe it to have been planned prior to have occurring, just so I don't become weak when people denounce miracles of God as delusions involving psychology

Many of you are not prepared to comprehend or grasp entirely the things that I am telling you... I appear meek in public, but I believe I have a close relationship with God... I'm not more special than you, simply because my faith was strong, I experienced an epiphany... I'm not perfect, but I wish one day to become clean and without sin... I have been improving. Don't take these words as vanity and please understand that I am a troubled soul.


I do not feel this peace. We can change this world; it is up to us, do we care enough?
Irishone, you've spoken about your vision of a new American Revolution in several threads. I'd be curious as to just how you expect this Revolution to go - what will it entail? Who fights who with what? You want people to read this stuff and go along with what you have to say, well...the people are going to want you to paint a picture of what you're getting them into.

And after this Revolution is done with...what then? How do we pick up the pieces? What do we do to make sure that it's never necessary again?
This revolution you speak of, what will it consist of, and what are we fighting for. Just a bullet point list please, not an epic speech.