Russia launches Putin-backed children's TV programming


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Jun 13, 2007
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MOSCOW (AFP) - Russia is to launch the country's first TV project aimed at children on Saturday, the start of the new academic year, in an initiative personally backed by President Vladimir Putin.

The "Bibigon" project has a 39-million-dollar (29-million-euro) budget and will air more than five hours of children's programming a day on the state-run Rossiya, Kultura and Sport channels, government newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta announced Friday.

Funding for the channel, named after a children's literature character, will come from advertising revenues on public television, the newspaper said. Russian-produced programming will be favoured over imports.

"Bibigon was created at the personal demand of Vladimir Putin," Rossiiskaya Gazeta said.

Kommersant daily quoted Oleg Dobrodeyev, head of Russia's public Rossiya channel, as saying that Putin "took part in the creation (of the project) and in debates on a number of details.;_ylt=ApNIvp1ic88sW5tOGiOoBaNxFb8C

What if Putin can invite Walt Disney entertainment in russia? Like call it "Disney Channel Ukraine" And produce childrens show by the Disney Channel. And Hopfuly an Disney Ukraine Park built in Rostov.
I wish we had more true educational television channels instead of the mind rotting, entertainment junk that saturates our coaxial, satellite and antenna channels currently.