Satan is Overated: Magicians and the Sorceress?

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Jeffrey Neuzil

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Nov 30, 2007
Satan tried to trump the Glory of God; God gave him an opportunity to show his stuff (see Goethe's Faust); he is still showing his stuff, but God has a firm hand on the situation—so, until the epilogue, we will have to put up with the Satanic interlude: two grizzled Ancient Ones grappling over a couple of scraps of meat left behind by Heyenas: I covered all my bets, putting even money on both (but I secretely have made a choice and have a clear fav in mind: Stay tuned; listen to Art Bell when he opens up the "Anti-Christ line," the mark of the beast is a husky, rough-hewn sounding voice and a long tail, also a characteristic "Humean" forked tongue: Biting down deeply on a set of commander Hume's autopsy notes (see Kennedy assassination and David Hume's "essay") which had John F. Kennedy's blood all over them, as well as some detailed descriptions of Kennedy's wounds which might have mucked up the Warren Comissions less than impeccable report—which was the loud sound of a Mach number (399 b.c.) flying through History at the speed of Mephisto, killing both Thycidides—in mid sentence—thence taking its toll on the whole rest of the story: Rumor has it that it still flys and celebrates Walpurgis Night, but has no deformations that look at all like comission exhibit 856, which was deformed in the extreme, compared to the "magic Bullet, 399. Some speculate that on quiet evenings, you can still feel the wind of 399 passing by you as you walk down Elm Street, and others claim that you were only dreaming if you felt that: Jack Rub-y (grapefruit) disagrees, but has a twomor to prove it.
First of all, what on Earth is this?

Second, despite being confused as all get-out, I'm pretty sure it doesn't go under US Politics. I'd move it but I haven't the faintest clue where to put it.
Stoking the Fireplace: Humes Notes or the Read and the Black

The "Notes" (Of Hume/Humes commander: "Who is in charge here, said he, while begining to probe the back wound of JFK during the tense Bethesda autopsy/turvy, but prematurely being asked to stop!: I think they were affraid they might have found something, well, "unfindable"— that's my finding!) ended up in the fireplace—as Melville said, "Baptized in Hellfire"—but they should have been preserved, for if they had been they could have accompanied the "missing" brain of Kennedy, which the National Arkives misplaced while cleaning up. so the notes and the brain were baptized in Hellfire: who would deny that—the author of the "purloined lettter" (see Oswald autopsy).
References to Historic Events: Cryptically Formulated (see Kennedy Assassination)

Palerider, you do not want to know what that "note" is about; but the first person who figures it out gets a free gallon of gas from me, from the nearest mobile station and a picture taken with me and a copy of the warren Report, with the red flying-horse symbol: Not to mention a chance at being the solver of the "Crime of the Century"!
Long Live the Republic,
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spam? the phsychotic babblings of a deranged mind? Kafka fan?

Who knows?
Or maybe he's a fan of James Joyce. We all know how much I LOVE James Joyce.
If the Assassination of a Chief Executive is a Topic in U.S. Politics, then. . .

If the Assassination of a Chief Executive is a Topic in U.S. Politics, then the "Note" does belong in the forum: I consider the assassination of a U.S. president to be preeminently worthy of discussion in this forum—and, especially so in this case when the consequences of that event—both domestic and Foreign—were so important to the "future" course of the country; all of this only proves that I am not satisfied that the investigations so far conducted of the assassinations of the 1960s have been properly and comprehensively conducted; in fact, I'll use this forum as a means of announcing that I am personally going to begin agitation on behalf of a renewed inquiry into those events: and I will begin by securing the signatures of U.S. citizens who would like to see these events re-examined—not least because I believe that the events of the 1960s are teleologically related to current political events and were just the beginings of radical political action initiated by some that may culminate in still more radical consequences, if an inquiry is not conducted by our governmnet, which has the obligation—through the CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security—of protecting and defending the constitution.
This is pure rambling my friend. Do you want a thread in which you can vent all this? Because I gave one to Irishone, and so its only fair you have one if you want it. It just means that people who wish to read this kind of stuff can go to one place, while the people who want to debate can do that.
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