Send your prayers, best wishes, or kind words.

My thoughts are with all of you. I understand what it is like to lose a loved one around the holidays. I lost a brother, my mother, and my father within days of Christmas (different years for each, of course). Losing someone you love is hard enough; it seems to have an extra bite to it when it is near a holiday.
I echo everyone else's sentiments, because I've had 3 very close family members pass away during the holidays (one the day after Christmas). I'll be the first to admit that it's tough, but our family sticks together and seek each other out for support, which helps tremendously.
Thank you, we are doing somewhat better. Just trying to be there for my father in law. He seems to be holding his own but I have a feeling that he is just trying to keep himself busy so he doesn't have to deal with his feelings. I could be wrong and this might be the best course for him right now, I just wish he would slow down a little.
Here's a much needed update;

He's doing a lot better. They took the monitor out of his head, as the pressure in his brain has subsided. They *said* he's not in a coma anymore, but by the looks of things, he's still pretty unresponsive. He's breathing on his own, and they are planning to move him out of the ICU and into a less urgent hospital room. He's moving his hand a lot and making a ton of facial expressions [namely a frustrated look].

And for my step-mom, she finally found out, and is being a royal you-know-what. She's harassing my grandmother [possibly the kindest most gentle human being I'll ever know] and has really gotten her down in the dumps. We're talking to an attorney on Monday, and will be going over the basics.
FuriousGeorge, I'm glad that your father seems to be doing some better. The fact that they're moving him to a different room should give you hope. I'm still praying.

I'm also praying that your appointment with the lawyer is productive. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with a mean-spirited stepmom, and for what she's done to your grandmother. Here's hoping the lawyer can give you guidance.