Shaq sized fish caught...worth $10k


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May 28, 2007
I thought this would be something interesting to share with everyone.
This guy was fishing outside of Seward, Alaska for King Salmon and more or less on accident hooked into this 319lbs monster King. It is 7'4" long.
Shaq on the other hand is 7'1" 325lbs.


This was caught on 40lb test fishing line. It took 45 minutes to land. The fish was shot with a 12gauge as is evidence in the picture in the vital areas, harpooned and gaffed once it surfaced from 160 feet of water before it was brought on board.

The kicker of the whole thing, is the guy didnt even want to buy a $10 derby ticket that was going on. His buddy bought one for him luckily and he is highly likely to win the $10,000 prize for this year.

It will probably turn out to be some sort of tackle size for species record. Halibut do get considerably larger but they are generally only caught in the commercial fisheries offshore that use gear that can handle 500+lbs of the fish.

What a lucky guy eh? Anyone else got a fish story to tell....
JESUS H. CHRIST!!! WHAT IS THAT THING? Some kind of mutant Flounder?

Its a pacific halibut. One of the biggest caught on traditional tackle. There have been bigger ones caught through commercial fishing methods in the 500lbs range. I have heard theories of them reaching a half ton but none that big have ever been caught in recorded history.
one of the reasons i don't like hitting the beach/ocean...what other creatures lurk underneath!